Reminder to submit nominations for Royal Honors 2020

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ORANJESTAD – The Aruba Award Commission (Decoratie Commissie Aruba ) reminds everyone that until and including August 9,  2019, one can submit nominations for the Royal Honors.

Royal honorAs was the case in previous years, it is again possible, on the celebration of King's Day 2020, to nominate people to be eligible for a Royal award, said popularly, to be awarded with a "ribbon”.

Everywhere in Aruba people are committed to the Aruban community. Very often, they do this in silence and in the background, but these people should be given the opportunity to shine. Someone can earn a ribbon if there are special personal merits for society. This can be volunteer work, but also a special interpretation of a paid main position or a combination of both.

These are volunteers who volunteer for 15 years or more for organizations, groups, neighborhoods or people in, for example, sports, arts, culture, religion, nature, the social field, youth work, care for the elderly, public order and safety etc. Someone who delivers extraordinary performance at work may also be eligible.  It must be a special and exceptional achievement in the work that goes beyond what can normally be expected and of which society benefits.

Member of the Decoration committee (Decoratiecommissie Aruba) and Prime Minister Mrs. mr. Evelyn Wever-CroesIn case you know someone like that, you can nominate this person to receive special recognition through a Royal Award. Such a nomination can be submitted by anyone, including organizations or agencies. All proposals must be submitted in writing using two special forms. From May 28, 2019, these forms with the accompanying instructions and explanations will be available during office hours at the desk of the Administrative Office in Oranjestad and San Nicolas or at the members of the Decoration Committee Aruba.

The forms can also be downloaded:

In Aruba, the Aruba Decoration Committee is responsible for processing the nominations and the associated research. Through the official channels, the nominations go to the Netherlands where they are dealt with by the Dutch Chapter for the Civil Orders (Nederlandse Kapittel voor de Civiele Orden).

The required information must be submitted as complete and comprehensive as possible, in order to properly assess the merits of the nominated person. The forms must be completed and signed in full and the nomination must be well substantiated.

Decoration committee Aruba emphasizes that the Royal decoration must be a surprise for the person concerned. That is why it is extremely important that you do NOT inform the nominated candidate of the nomination and do not involve them in filling in the forms. This also prevents disappointments in the event that the award is not awarded.

Ad Royal honorThe deadline for submitting nominations for a Royal award for the year 2020 is August 9, 2019. Incomplete nominations or nominations after this date cannot be processed. Both the

The Aruba decoration committee as well as the Dutch Civil Orders Chapter will only process complete and timely submitted nominations.

The nominations must be submitted in a sealed envelope at the desk of the Administrative Office in Oranjestad. The envelope is addressed to the Aruba Decoration Commission, p/a Office of the Minister of General Affairs, L.G. Smith Boulevard 76, Oranjestad, Aruba.

The Aruba Decoration Committee is delighted that many readings come in every year and hopes that for the celebration of King's Day 2020 many people from the Aruban community will be recognized for the important work they do for the community and may receive a well-earned ribbon.

For any questions or further information, please contact one of the members of the Decoration Committee Aruba (Decoratiecommissie Aruba):

  • Mrs. F. Perez-Lopez (tel. 583-84250);
  • Mrs. F. Croes-Rodriguez (tel. 582-1790);
  • Mrs. N. Anthony (Cell. 593-1921);
  • Mrs. I. Nicolaas-Ras (tel. 584-8880); 
  • Mr. V. Frank (tel. 587-4979).
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